« UN, you know?! » est un blog en ligne qui permet aux étudiants intéressés par les relations internationales et la diplomatie de s’exprimer comme des journalistes. 

Le blog est géré par des étudiants aux parcours variés et qui écrivent sur leur expérience dans les relations internationales de leur point de vue. 

Le blog permet aux étudiants internationaux de faire partie de GIMUN en dehors de la Conférence annuelle. 

Grâce à une équipe de traduction, vous trouverez également des articles en anglais et en français.


Marzia loves travelling, Italian food, and cats. She is also really interested in writing and in politics. For this reason, she is thrilled to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the GIMUN blog which will give her the opportunity to further develop these two passions: writing about international affairs. In 2016, she graduated summa cum laude in Philosophy and Social Sciences from Cà Foscari University in Venice. She recently came completed her MA in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy at the University of Bern. Now she is ready to start a new adventure as a PhD candidate in International Law at the IHEID. Her contribution to GIMUN will be bringing together her expertise and passion in philosophy, politics, and international law.

Editor in Chief

Marzia Marastoni

To start with the big picture, Adam is a passionate and driven business innovator and ideas generator with a strong belief in the power of sustainability to bring about effective solutions in a wide range of industries and business sectors. Having lived in dark and cloudy places, like Dubai, Spain and Greece, the name of his next destination promised sunlight and warmth: UK, where he now resides, working on projects in diverse areas such as healthcare, international development and migration. Adam believes there is a solution to every problem, but more than that, his personal mission is to dig deep into every situation and creatively and collaboratively bring apt and game changing ideas to the table – ideas that add real value to an organisation - and to see these ideas brought to life to the benefit of the society.


Adam Said


Ope Adetayo is currently a year three student of English at the University of Ilorin. His short stories and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Agbowo, Sahara Reporters, Fragbits, and Commonwealth Correspondent. He is an editor at Fragbits and a contributing interviewer for nonfiction (intern) at Africa in Dialogue.


Adam Said


Karina Matvienko is a political science graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations. She is currently a Master student of Eastern European Studies at Free University of Berlin. Alhought interested in international cooperation in humanitarian area before, it was not until her exchange semester in Switzerland, when she faced the truth and acknowledged that her other passion is international law. Human cause has been a focal point of mine and she is determined to dedicate her life to it. Her motto: “If I can ease one life the aching, I shall not live in vain”.


Karina Matvienko


Tahir Pardhan, born in 1995, is a law student from Switzerland. Previously he served an apprenticeship in commerce and worked in the health insurance sector. Besides his studies and work he is interested in politics and human rights. To find a balance in life Tahir enjoys being active and is very invested in sports, especially football. After finishing his studies, he wishes to work in the field of human rights and international law.


Tahir Pardhan


Chiara is an Italian student who's passionate about migrations, human rights and fighting inequalities. After law school, she's chosen to further understand the inner workings of global politics. Therefore, she's currently enrolled in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights course at the University of Padova. Aside from her studies, she tries to make a small difference by volunteering in humanitarian associations on a local basis. On a completely unrelated matter, she also loves music, basketball and illustrations.


Chiara Zannelli


Giada Tirocinio was born in 1994 in Venice, Italy. She graduated in Fragrance and Cosmetics at International Higher Istitute of Perfumery and Flavours - ISIPCA and she is currently working in Milan for a fragrance house. She is interested in Human Rights and is really sensitive about Immigration and Gender Equality subjects. She considers herself a feminist of new generation and she volounteers for a local humanitarian feminist association. Even though smell is her favourite sense, she is also into cooking and she loves to experiment with taste.


Giada Tirocinio


Born in Geneva but raised in Tunis, Sabrina is currently studying humanities at University of Geneva. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, playing video games, and cooking. She speaks French, Arabic, English, and is learning German and Japanese. She joined the GIMUN Blog because she is looking to widen her field of interests.


Sabrine Mouelhi

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