The Heads of Departments are managing small teams. We have the Events Team, the Translation Team, the GIMUN Delegations, the HR Team. 

Meet the Heads!

Events Team

Gandi Och

Gandi Och is a third year BARI student at the University of Geneva, majoring in law. She comes from Mongolia and has been living in Switzerland since 2013. She likes to push herself doing new things and having new experiences. Having started her GIMUN experience in her first year as a delegation member, she has been an under secretary general for cultural events for the GIMUN Annual Conference 2021. Now she feels ready to be the Co-Head of Events Team this year and she can not wait to realise amazing projects.

The past experiences in GIMUN has given her the opportunity to use her skills in events creation, collaboration with the team, but also in management. Moreover, GIMUN is a way to meet amazing people and acquire professional skills.

Events Team

Valerie Guermann

Valerie is currently doing her MA in Political Science at the University of Geneva. After graduating from her BA in Zurich, she decided on moving to Geneva, to be in an international environment. She found this international community by being part of GIMUN.

GIMUN allows her to meet great new people, work in an awesome team as well as to put her organizational and management skills to use. 

Outside of GIMUN, Valerie enjoys reading, doing yoga and going on walks with her dog. She is very much looking forward to all the different amazing events and experiences she gets to enjoy with the GIMUN community.

Translation Team

Roberta Inversi

Roberta is currently doing a master’s degree in specialized translation at the University of Geneva, and she is mainly focusing on legal and institutional translation. She comes from a small town in the South of Italy, but she has been living in Geneva since 2018. She speaks Italian, English, French, German and Spanish and she would like to learn even more languages. She has been passionate about foreign languages and interculturalism ever since she was a child and working as a translator has always been her dream: therefore, she decided to join the GIMUN Translation Team in October 2020. She considers GIMUN a great opportunity not only to meet people from different parts of the world but also to acquire some of the skills that will come in handy in her future job. She is extremely pleased to be Head of the Translation Team and to keep ensuring GIMUN’s bilingualism together with the rest of the team.

Translation Team

Xeniya Ivanova

Xeniya is a student at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Geneva.
She was born in Minsk, Belarus, and moved to Geneva when she was 7 years old. She grew up in a multilingual environment (with first Russian and French, and then English, Italian and
German) and is passionate about languages and everything related to the international scene.
In 2020, she discovered the fascinating world of GIMUN and joined its Translation team.
Since then, she could progress as a translator and meet wonderful people. She feels honored and excited to become head of the Translation department along with Roberta and learn more about MUN. She hopes to keep forming new friendships, developing her translation skills as well as acquiring managerial skills.

Beginner Delegation

Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin has recently graduated from a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Geneva, and is currently studying for an accelerated bachelor’s degree in law. Having joined MUN for the first time in 2019, she then became Head of Delegation in 2020, and looks forward to a second year of leading the GIMUN beginner delegation. Joining MUN has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of international issues and to improve her public speaking skills, both of which she looks forward to transmitting once more in delegation training. Besides GIMUN, Sophie aims to learn skating with fellow heads of delegation and enjoys outdoor activities in general. 

Beginner Delegation

Matteo Dummar

Matteo Dummar is a first year international relations student at the University of Geneva. He joined GIMUN in 2020 as a delegation member. Whilst already having MUN experience in highschool, he found this new experience refreshing. Having improved his oratory skills and his understanding of the international community, he has now become Head of Delegation in 2021 and looks forward to transmit everything he has learned to the next generation of delegates. Unlike his other co-Heads of Delegation, Matteo isn’t a great fan of skating, but is looking forward to seeing them attempt it. Finally, he looks forward to becoming head delegate and meeting all the new GIMUN members!

Advanced Delegation

Erin Hayes 

Erin Hayes is in her last year of BARI, she’s been a part of GIMUN since her first year, and was Secretary General last year. She absolutely loves the association, and can’t wait to start this year in her new position as Head Delegate of the Advanced Delegation! She finds that MUN fuels and feeds her competitive side thanks to the amazing debates she ends up having, but this semester she’s sitting out of the talks and chairing! She is very much looking forward to chairing this season, and seeing what all the delegates have to offer. Outside of MUN, Erin likes to spend time playing way too many video games, as well as just drinking coffee; in theory, she would skate with her co-head delegates - but in practice, she does not have the ability to, and is happy to sit by and watch them. 

Advanced Delegation

Simon Kjeldgaard

Simon is a second year physics student but is far from anti-social. He has lived in India and Vietnam, and travels regularly to Denmark to visit family. He is fluent in English, French and Danish. GIMUN has helped Simon become a more confident public speaker and it has also taught him a thing or two about world politics, not to mention the incredible friends he’s made along the way. Simon enjoys skating in Plainpalais but he has only recently started. He looks forward to being head delegate and meeting all the new delegation members !

HR Team

Alessandra Costa

Alessandra is a third year International Relations Student at the Univeristy of Geneva. She's engaged in International Affairs and human rights with Global Health Diplomacy's academic/professional perspectives. This is her second year as head of human resources in the organization and she's extremely grateful for this experience. Indeed, Gimun helped her growing a lot professionally and continues to get her a great insight of how an ngo works.  Thanks to GIMUN she improved her public speaking, organizational, leading and problem solving skills. However, what she is most thankful for is that with GIMUN she had the opportunity to meet new wonderful people and share amazing experience with all of them. All of that hepled her growing personally and becoming a better person. Outside Gimun and university, Alessandra is also a Singer and art lover. Curious and motivated to learn as much as possible, she loves to communicate and share ideas or experiences with people from all over the world and with different backgrounds as well as traveling and express herself through music and poetry. She can't wait to live brand new wonderful experiences with Gimun this year and continue to enjoy this journey with the entire Gimun community.