The Heads of Departments are managing small teams. We have the Events Team, the Translation Team, the GIMUN Delegation, the P.R. Team and the Finance Team. 

Meet the Heads!

Events Team


Thaïs Brechbühl is a BARI student, currently enrolled in her second year at the University of Geneva. Passionate about political sciences and global issues, she came to Geneva after a preparatory class in France to study international relations.

She started her GIMUN experience in her first year as an Events Team member and a delegation member. Then she applied this year to be Event Manager with her partner in crime: Rosina!

The experience in GIMUN has given her the opportunity to use her skills in events creation but also in management. Moreover, GIMUN is a way to meet amazing people and acquire professional skills.

Outside of GIMUN, she is also working at a famous and an amazing restaurant named Inglewood.

She enjoys music and would discuss hours with you about it. She also loves to discover bobo coffee shops to go working there as a mysterious secret business woman.

Finally, she hopes to improve communication and bonding in the GIMUN community but also to create relevant and engaging events. Her main goal would be to raise awareness on current concerns such as social and gender inequalities, sustainable development and political issues in the world.

Events Team


Rosina Adathala is in her third year of BARI at the University of Geneva and is also one of the Head of Events, after having been part of the Events Team for one year. Her passion for international subjects, organization and meeting new people has led her to start this new chapter. With GIMUN, she not only met amazing new people, who keep motivating her, but has also learned to improve various skills such as professional communication, time management, organizational skills and much more. Outside of GIMUN, she enjoys reading all kinds of books and enjoys drawing. She also loves to go for strolls and adores to discuss anything and everything. 

With the aim to strengthen the GIMUN community from within, and to promote it to the outside world, they are in charge of organizing most of the GIMUN Events. 

Thus, with a lot of motivation, dedication, creativity and teamwork, they aim to create valuable memories and learning opportunities for the GIMUN family. 

Translation Team


Sophie Corboz studies legal and institutional Translation at the University of Geneva. She became a member of the GIMUN translation team in February 2020 and is also a translator for Popaedia. Sophie speaks French, English, Spanish and German and recently started learning Russian. She is passionate about interculturalism and the international organizations world ; that is the reason why GIMUN is the perfect environment to apply her language skills. According to her, the Translation Department mission is to ensure GIMUN’s bilingualism by providing high quality work.

Gimun Delegation


Sophie Martin is a 3rd year international relations student specializing in law. Joining MUN has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of international issues and to improve her public speaking skills, both of which she looks forward to transmitting in delegation training. Besides GIMUN, she enjoys playing the violin and drawing.

Gimun Delegation


Emma is a 2nd year international relations student with a passion for MUN. She has lived in France, Italy and America, now having returned to Switzerland for her bachelor’s degree. She loves the MUN community and all that it has to offer. It has taught her how to think diplomatically, speak in public, and meet new people with ease. Outside of GIMUN, Emma loves to do yoga and workout. She looks forward to starting this year’s delegation!