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GIMUN organises a wide range of events throughout the year, such as UN Day in October, the Annual Conference in March, International Geneva in June and various study trips. These events serve as a platform for young people to discuss current international affairs as well as the role of the United Nations and its values.

GIMUN is a student association recognised by both the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva.

Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) is a non-governmental organisation with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations based in Geneva. Run entirely by students, its aim is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations by giving students the chance to participate in educational events. GIMUN collaborates with other similar organisations in Switzerland and around the world, such as JUNES, HamMUN, POLMUN and CologneMUN. GIMUN is also a member of GSUN and JUNES. We are actively developing partnerships with other student associations in Switzerland and abroad in order to increase awareness of the importance of the work done by the United Nations.




By means of Article 71 of the UN Charter, ECOSOC may grant Special consultative status to NGOs whose programmes align directly with the aims and purposes of the United Nations. The status allows NGOs to attend UN conferences, designate UN representatives to all UN missions in the world, and participate in UN meetings, particularly those of ECOSOC. Currently, ECOSOC has granted over 5,000 NGOs consultative status.


The status acknowledges the work GIMUN has done in educating youth about the UN and its bodies, and raising awareness of UN issues. Since its inception in 1999, GIMUN has organised numerous conferences and events for youth from around the world. The organisation continues to successfully promote intercultural exchanges and provide an opportunity to discuss and formulate findings and initiatives regarding pressing global issues. ​


This status enables GIMUN to continue to fulfil its role as an international platform for youth and to make their voices heard by decision-makers. We have the unique opportunity to organise events at the United Nations and to get participants accredited.

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