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The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board, comprised of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with long-term planning of the Association.

The Advisory Board consists of previous members of the Board.




Nicolas was Secretary General of GIMUN for the mandate of 2021/2022. He is a student of International Relations at the University of Geneva originally from the Swiss Italian countryside. From a young age Nicolas was always interested in what was outside his region. For this reason, his passions include traveling and meeting people from all over the world. From the very beginning Nicolas felt comfortable being part of the GIMUN delegation. After participating in a few conferences as a delegate he became part of the Executive Board in 2021 and at the end of 2022 he became the President of the Advisory Board.

Vice President



Cindy grew up in the Swiss German countryside and has always wanted to discover the world. To this day, she often looks up to the sky to see if there are any planes flying over. She is about to complete her studies in International Relations with a specialisation in political science at the University of Geneva and is also an intern in Engagement Management for foraus in Zurich. During her studies, Cindy has been participating in GIMUN as Vice President, USG for Logistics and member of the MUN Delegation. She has also gained experience as a samaritan and as a research assistant at UNIGE. She is now a member of the GIMUN Advisory Board.

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Chiara is a 21 years old student in International Relations at the University of Geneva. She grew up in Italy with Swiss parents with a passion for languages and traveling. She would like to continue contributing to making GIMUN the environment for international students like herself, who research, discuss and engage in different causes, surrounded by the aura of the United Nations.




Besma Abdallah is a pharmacy student at the University of Geneva. Her interests include Global, Public Health and health policy. She was the Public Relations Director at GIMUN during the 2021-2022 mandate. She looks fondly at her time as part of the Executive Board during which she was able to acquire soft skills and learn a lot.




Lisa was the Public Relations Director 2020-2021. During her mandate, she had to manage social media while the COVID pandemic was at the highest level. This was a new challenge for Gimun, but also an opportunity to reach more people worldwide. She obtained her Master's degree in "Russia and Eurasian Studies" at the Global Studies Institute in Geneva after her Bachelor's degree in Slavistic and Eastern European Studies at the University of Fribourg and Bern. She is currently doing a one-year internship in the capital of Kazakshtan.


Sarah Luna Mongin

Hi, I'm Sarah Luna Mongin, former Secretary General at GIMUN for the 2021 Annual Conference. I'm currently studying Social Innovation at EDHEC Business School and is very keen to build a strong alumni network through our shared experience at GIMUN. Being part of the AB is an opportunity to give back to all the great things that GIMUN brought to me while I was an active member.




Passionné de durabilité et des enjeux éthiques autour de la lutte contre le changement climatique, diplôme d’économie et de durabilité:

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