The members of the Executive Board are responsible for organising and financing all GIMUN events (including the Annual Conference) and representing GIMUN on numerous platforms.The Executive Board oversees the different departments of the association.

The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board that is made up of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with GIMUN long-term planning.

Pictures: Christopher Henry ch-christopher-henry.com


Antoine Gothuey

Antoine cherishes the opportunity he has had over the past few years to enter the seemingly impenetrable world of international Geneva. He looks forward to seeing his board help students from around the world to fully immerse themselves in the same way he was. Inclusivity, reliability, and openness toward all backgrounds; core values that Antoine wishes to fortify this year. He is confident that every member will continue to honour the UN principles and GIMUN to be a social agora for its participants.

Vice President

Joanna Ruan

Joanna is a student of International Relations in the University of Geneva. She grew up in China and moved to Switzerland in 2018. Her past years in GIMUN have been extremely enriching in terms of networking and friendships. She hopes to bring more cohesion, bonds, and visibility to GIMUN in 2020 - 2021. Joanna is passionate about learning languages, travelling, writing, and meeting new people - so don’t hesitate to approach her to share your ideas about how to improve GIMUN, or just the world in general.

Finance Director

Ethan Catanzariti

Born in Australia and moved to Switzerland at the tender age of 11, Ethan has spent each half of his life in two different hemispheres. The experiences he faced growing up were the spark that ignited into the burning passion for international affairs. In his last year of his Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies, Ethan wants to put his acquired knowledge into an organization and a goal that he believes in. In order to help GIMUN achieve its objectives, through his mandate, Ethan will put into practice his new found interest in finance by heading their finance department.

Public Relations Director

Elisaveta Wermelinger

Her official name is Elisaveta but everyone calls her Lisa. She just completed her Bachelor in Slavic and East European Studies at the University of Fribourg, and is now studying the master Russia and Middle Europe at the Global Studies Institute at the university of Geneva. She has Russian and Swiss german origins, and has been raised in a multicultural environment in Geneva. Being part of GIMUN as Public relations director  represents a fantastic opportunity for her to promote GIMUN to students from all the faculties and all the horizons. Her passions are: learn different languages (she loves to switch from a language to another), meet new people, cook, listen and play music, scouts, travel around the world, sightseeing and take pictures. 

Secretary General

Sarah-Luna Mongin

Sarah-Luna is undergoing the second year of her bachelor’s in Political Science and she holds the position of Secretary General for the 2021 Annual Conference. She began her involvement with the MUN society as a delegate three years ago, participating in several conferences.  Within GIMUN, she was first part of the events team for the 2019-2020 mandate as she organized the advanced debate sessions which due to COVID-19, were postponed. She looks forward to seeing the next generation of leaders engaging in the critical issues of our time and sharing a unique experience shaped around a common passion.

Secretary General

Erin Hayes

Erin is an 19 years old student at the University of Geneva who is currently studying for a Bachelor’s in International Relations. In the past, she’s lived in France, Singapore and Cambodia. Her close connection with travelling and different cultures has been at the core of her love for Model United Nations, as it’s allowed her to meet fantastic new people all across the globe. GIMUN 2021 will be her eighth conference, but her first as a co-organiser and Secretary General, she can’t wait to meet you all and hopes you all have a great time!