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The members of the Executive Board are responsible for organising and financing all GIMUN events (including the Annual Conference) and representing GIMUN on numerous platforms.The Executive Board oversees the different departments of the association.

The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board that is made up of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with GIMUN long-term planning.

Photos: Christopher Henry


Natacha Pambou

After completing her Political Science Bachelor, Natacha is starting a Global Health Master's degree at the University of Geneva. Simultaneously, she has been part of GIMUN since her first year as a student, in 2020. She spent 3 years into the delegation : two years as a delegate and one year as Head Delegate. She is now very pleased to take on the role of President for the NGO and is excited about all the upcoming projects and collaborations.

She was born abroad and grew up in several countries, therefore she is glad to be part of an international-oriented NGO such as GIMUN, which provides student not only with an associative environment, but also serves for a great introduction the global affairs.

Vice President



Maria Teresa grew up in Italy attending a Swiss school, which gave her an insight into a multicultural and multilingual context. She then moved abroad, studying International Relations in Geneva and Brussels. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in European Studies.  She joined the association in 2020, first as a delegate, then as a member of the events team and finally as a Co-Head.  After three years in the association, she now wishes to invest all the past experience in her new position as Vice-President to bring GIMUN to its full potential. Indeed, she wishes to make GIMUN an encounter between different cultures and languages, where diversity becomes uniqueness, enabling confrontation and dialogue in international environments.

Finance Director



Mattia is a student from Ticino at the University of Geneva. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in International Relations in 2022, then chose to continue his studies by pursuing a Master's degree in Public Management.

Mattia has already managed the finances of several other associations before becoming Director of Finance for GIMUN. His goal is to continue on the good road taken thus far, while seeking to further consolidate the finances of this NGO.

Public Relations Director

Petri S.

Räisänen Castañeda

Petri is a 20 year old Mexican Finnish student from Zürich, Switzerland doing his last year of his Bachelor in International Relations and Law at the University of Geneva. 

With a diverse background in administrative, communications, and marketing roles, he brings a well-rounded skill set to the table. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, he effectively communicates GIMUN's message to a diverse audience. He already was part of the PR Team last year and saw becoming Director as the next logicsl step. As the Director of Public Relations, he wants to foster a collaborative and supportive environment, valuing the unique contributions of each team member. Committed to GIMUN's mission, he works with dedication to promote the organization's work and ensure its success.

Secretary General



Kara, a 21-year-old Cameroonian-French-German law student, pursued a bachelor's degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva before entering a law bachelor's program. 

She discovered Model United Nations (MUN) during high school in 2018 and continued participating in conferences, eventually joining GIMUN in 2021. For Kara, MUN provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, forge lasting friendships, and engage in discussions on current issues. She aims to pass on her experience by organizing conferences and applied for the role of Secretary General.

As Secretary General, Kara seeks to maintain strong relationships with Geneva-based international organizations, ensuring an exceptional experience for participants in GIMUN's annual conference.

Secretary General



Matteo is an Italian student enrolled at the University of Geneva, currently embarking on the third year of his Bachelor's degree in International Relations. This marks his fourth year of active involvement in GIMUN. Model United Nations (MUN) has played a significant role in his life since high school. Notably, he had the privilege of participating in the prestigious Harvard World MUN in 2023, where he, alongside his co-Secretary General, Kara, received a commemoration prize. Motivated by his experiences in both GIMUN and MUN, he has enthusiastically embraced the responsibility of organizing GIMUN's annual conference, eagerly anticipating the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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