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The members of the Executive Board are responsible for organising and financing all GIMUN events (including the Annual Conference) and representing GIMUN on numerous platforms.The Executive Board oversees the different departments of the association.

The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board that is made up of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with GIMUN long-term planning.

Pictures: Christopher Henry


Sophie Martin

Sophie is a 21 year old student in international relations and law at the University of Geneva. Having been part of GIMUN since 2019, she hopes to continue the organisation's legacy of facilitating dialogue about global affairs and providing opportunities for students to discover more about the international professional field. In her free time, she enjoys painting and playing the violin.

Vice President

Erin Hayes

Erin is a student at the University of Geneva starting her Masters in Political Science who has been with GIMUN since 2019. She’s excited to be pursuing a role as Vice-President this term, and can’t wait to continue building connections and organising events for an NGO that prioritises its members and reflects the UN Values. GIMUN as a whole means a lot to her, so she’s pleased to be able to take on this commitment, can’t wait to work with her fellow team members, and hopes to be able to create a professional yet comfortable environment for all. 

Finance Director

Matteo Pal

Matteo is a Ticinese student at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in the program of international relations with a major in international politics. Passionate with regards to finance and management of economic issues, he opened his own start-up in 2021. He puts his passion for GIMUN to good use by managing the NGO's finances. Matteo was fascinated with GIMUN during his involvement with the info-sessions days in the 2021 and was captivated with the 2021 annual conference where he got an opportunity to work with some fantastic people. During the 2021-2022 term, Matteo contributed to GIMUN working as an auditor, and as the Vice-Director of finance. Now as the Director of finance, he aims to make GIMUN financially mighty with the goal of being able to provide the means to the organization and its participants the opportunity to be concretely and continuously present on the scene.

Public Relations Director

Minwoo Ki

Minwoo is a 20 year old Korean Canadian student from Toronto, Canada studying international relations at the University of Geneva. He made his decision to attend the University of Geneva after being fascinated with the international atmosphere and the storied past that the city possesses. Naturally, Minwoo sought to further his involvement in the international Geneva scene by joining GIMUN in 2021 as a delegate. In GIMUN, Minwoo had the pleasure and the honour to meet fellow colleagues who shared a similar passion for international affairs. Over the course of the school year, Minwoo saw his passion for GIMUN grow as he participated in events such as GIMUN day and helped out promoting GIMUN and its values. Now, Minwoo hopes to further his commitment to GIMUN as the Director of Public Relations for the 2022-2023 term, echoing the values of GIMUN and promoting many events of GIMUN which represent Geneva’s international stature.

Secretary General

Mathilda Pradal

Mathilda, Chinese name 荀音 Xun Yin and Korean name 안승희 Ahn Seung Hee, is a French student starting a Master’s in Political Science at the University of Geneva. Passionate about foreign cultures and languages, she started learning Chinese in college and later completed a Master’s in Asian studies. She had the opportunity to live abroad, in Spain, China, and now Switzerland. These experiences only strengthened her determination to work in an international environment. Her first MUN conference in 2021 left her amazed and she quickly took a liking to debates on international affairs. After taking part in many MUN, including GIMUN, as a delegate, she decided to take a step forward and became GIMUN’s Secretary General for the term 2022-2023. She is very grateful for this position and hopes to deliver a memorable Annual Conference that everyone can be proud of. 

Secretary General

Hibat-Allah Hably

Hiba is a 22 years old Masters student majoring in African Studies at the University of Geneva after majoring in International Relations in France. Having lived in 6 countries during her lifespan (Morocco, Burkina Faso, Benin, France, Turkey, Switzerland), she saw GIMUN as an opportunity to connect even more with the world that surrounds her and to give more layers to her student life. As a Secretary-General, her goal is to organize the most inclusive conference she can, with topics and committees that cater more to the so-called global  “South” than usual.  Because what is the use of having a conversation if it does not include all the actors involved ?

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