The members of the Executive Board are responsible for organising and financing all GIMUN events (including the Annual Conference) and representing GIMUN on numerous platforms.The Executive Board oversees the different departments of the association.

The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board that is made up of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with GIMUN long-term planning.

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Emma Fischer

Emma is an international relations student at the University of Geneva. She has lived in France, Italy, and America, now having returned to Switzerland for her bachelor’s degree. It is in part due to this that she is so passionate about the world of MUN which she has been a part of since 2016. She is eager to watch GIMUN bring to students the opportunity to thrive within international geneva. She is confident that all who choose to join or participate in GIMUN events will find an inclusive environment for thought-provoking discussions in line with the ideals of the UN.

Vice President

Chiara Mueller 

Chiara is a 20 years old student in International Relations at the University of Geneva. She grew up in Italy with Swiss-German parents with a passion for traveling and languages. She then moved to Geneva for her studies and, interested in the international environment of the city, she joined the NGO GIMUN. She would like to contribute to making GIMUN the environment for international students like herself, who research, discuss, and engage in different causes surrounded by the aura of the United Nations.

Finance Director

Hugo Fenoli-Rebellato

Hugo is a French student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Lausanne (EPFL), HEC Lausanne, and IMD in the Master in Sustainable Management and Technology. Passionate about sustainable finance issues, he puts his passion for GIMUN to good use by managing the NGO's finances. Hugo has been involved since the 2019 UN Day and was won over by the 2020 annual conference where he met some fantastic people with whom he worked as an auditor before becoming Finance Director. He aims to make GIMUN financially ethical and is looking forward to being part of the success of the new year.

Public Relations Director

Besma Abdallah

Besma is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Geneva. She is passionate about international relations and Global Health. Indeed, she has always been fascinated with bettering the human condition. Since the start of her academic journey, she has been very active in different student organizations. She thrives in highly multicultural environments such as MUN and likes to interact with new people and learn about their views. Other of her interests include illustration and graphic design which is an important component of her work as PR Director. Besma is very honored to be part of the GIMUN team during such a special mandate and is extremely excited to discover everything that this year will bring.

Secretary General

Nicolas Cavadini

Nicolas is a 21 years old student of international relations at the University of Geneva originally from the Swiss Italian countryside. From a young age, Nicolas was always interested in what was outside his region. For this reason, his passions include traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Coming to Geneva and joining GIMUN in 2020 was an incredible experience for him. From the very beginning, Nicolas felt comfortable being part of the GIMUN delegation. After participating in a few conferences as a delegate he became part of the Executive Board as Secretary-General. He is looking forward to meeting each of you.

Secretary General

Darius Harnisch

Darius is 19 and currently undergoing the second year of his bachelor in Law and International Relations at the University of Geneva. Half German and half Swiss but brought up in Colombia, France and Israel, he had the privilege of travelling and being surrounded by different cultures for his entire life, which firmly planted the roots of his belief in internationalism. The opportunity to learn multiple languages and meet people from all over the world developed a passion for exchange that brought him to MUN, first in Bogotá and then in Geneva. To him, GIMUN embodies the spirit of international Geneva and its values, and he hopes that by organizing the GIMUN conference this year he can transmit them by creating a space to debate, to exchange and to learn as much as possible.