The members of the Executive Board are responsible for organising and financing all GIMUN events (including the Annual Conference) and representing GIMUN on numerous platforms.The Executive Board oversees the different departments of the association.

The Executive Board is supported by the Advisory Board that is made up of former members of the Executive Board. They ensure a smooth transition between terms and help with GIMUN long-term planning.

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Bartosz Gdaniec

Bartosz is originally from Poland, a country with a long tradition in the art of debating. He is currently completing his PhD in Molecular Medicine and Microbiology at the University of Geneva. As a scientist who is equally interested in fundamental research and international relations, he finished his training in Global Health Diplomacy at Oxford. Being elected as GIMUNs President is a great opportunity for him to practice his skills related to the management of an organisation. He wants GIMUN to become an inclusive NGO that can offer an extraordinary experience to people from different backgrounds.

Vice President

Cindy Bischofberger

Growing up in a small village in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Cindy’s desire to explore and understand the world, communicate with people from across the globe and get to know different cultures quickly grew to become a passion of hers. She is currently in her third year, studying International Relations in Geneva, an opportunity which allowed her to move across the country and get to know one of the most international cities in Switzerland. GIMUN has given her the opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world and learn both professionally and personally.

Finance Director

Matthis Pasche

Matthis is currently completing his Bachelor in Economics and Management at the University of Geneva. Being part of GIMUN as Treasurer represents a fantastic opportunity for him to put into practice his finance skills in a cause he firmly believes in. A few months from now, students from all over the world will gather in Geneva to bring their own modest but meaningful contribution to world peace. He is proud to be a part of this year's Executive Board which he feels will bring an innovative touch and new dynamics to GIMUN.

PR Director

Ylljeta Lufaj

Ylljeta is a 21-year-old student. She just obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva. She discovered the MUN world after attending a seminar at her university. Since then, she has participated in two conferences as a delegate. This year, she decided to change roles and applied to be the Public Relations Director. During her term, she aspires to contribute to the development and promotion of GIMUN’s activities among students, as a way for them to put their academic skills into practice and learn to debate subjects of international relevance.

Secretary General

Mihail Moulhov

Mihail is 21 years old and is a third year student currently studying International Relations at the University of Geneva. His passions include international crime and cybersecurity. Apart from that, his life mainly consists of good coffee, traveling, lengthy discussions and lamenting over the amount of course work he has to do or GIMUN e-mails he has to write. At every conference, he notices that the Secretary-Generals seem very distant from the delegates, so he will make it his mission to get to know as many participants as possible during GIMUN 2020 – don’t be afraid to approach him and say hi!

Secretary General

Natalie Joray

Natalie is 21 years old and is a third year International Relations student at the University of Geneva. Her involvement in GIMUN began in her first year as a member of the MUN Delegation. She also participated in the 2018 Annual Conference as an Ambassador. Last year, she was part of the Board as the Public Relations Director. Now, she is ready for a new challenge: Co-organising the GIMUN Annual Conference as Secretary-General together with Mihail Mouhlov. She hopes that the 2020 Conference will be a great start into the third decade of GIMUN’s existence.

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