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The Ethical Charter lays out the principles which guide the Geneva International Model United Nations’s (GIMUN) work. It is a tool designed to assist all GIMUN members in their work, and to ensure the most ethical functioning of the organization. GIMUN and its members accept to be held accountable to these standards. The promotion of the Ethical Charter is the responsibility of the Executive Board.



As stated in the GIMUN Statutes (art. 4), the goals of GIMUN are to promote the values of the United Nations (UN); to organise high-level academic simulations of UN bodies for students worldwide at university level or equivalent; to promote Geneva as a place of peace, multilateral democracy, and cultural exchange, and to contribute to the education of its members by bringing a practical dimension to their theoretical knowledge.


GIMUN strives to contribute to the education of youth by raising awareness among young people and encouraging youth involvement in international debates, notably by the use of its Special Consultative Status at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).



All members respect and support the following principles of GIMUN:



GIMUN is student-led, member-focused, representative, deliberative and promotes consensus decision-making.



GIMUN is fair, principled, accountable, transparent, socially and environmentally conscious.

GIMUN abides by international and Swiss law.



GIMUN is diverse, welcoming, tolerant, and promotes mutual respect. GIMUN strives to meet the particular requirements of all students wishing to participate in its activities.



GIMUN is a secular organisation.

It is politically and financially independent.



GIMUN strives to achieve high quality standards in all its activities, to be effective, to allocate resources efficiently, and to offer an enriching learning environment to its members and participants.


Equal opportunity

GIMUN is committed to defending equal opportunity and fairness in its functioning. GIMUN prohibits all forms of discrimination, notably on the basis of origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, language, social situation, religion or belief, and disability.

Any form of unequal treatment or abuse of power, including cronyism and nepotism, are forbidden.

Harassment of any kind is prohibited. GIMUN is committed to lifting financial barriers to participation at its events, within the limits of the means at its disposal.



GIMUN is open and transparent about its structure, mission, policy and activities.

It regularly publishes reports on its activities and its use of funds. GIMUN is transparent about its governance, particularly regarding decision-making processes.

Personal interests which may influence decision-making must be disclosed by members to the organization.

Financial aid and subsidies are given on the basis of needs and merits following an open application process and a transparent attribution procedure. GIMUN condemns and takes action to prevent plagiarism.


GIMUN encourages criticism and open dialogue in order to improve its work. It seeks feedback from participants, partners and staff to regularly improve in all aspects of its work. It accepts its responsibility as a UN ECOSOC accredited NGO and the responsibility of its members for its actions. GIMUN resolves disputes and processes complaints in a fair and transparent manner.


Social and environmental impact

GIMUN works towards conducting an environmental and social impact assessment when planning its activities.

It aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its events and actions to a minimum.

This includes using biodegradable supplies, systematically recycling, using as far as possible local products when available and fair trade products when purchasing international products.

GIMUN is socially conscious and abides by the principle of “do no harm”.


Political stance

GIMUN is politically neutral. Among the many values of the UN, it particularly promotes intercultural dialogue, the promotion of peace, human rights, humanitarian principles, environmental protection, sustainable development, and the rule of law.

As a youth platform dedicated to discussion and dialogue, GIMUN does not take a stance on controversial issues. Only documents adopted by the GIMUN General Assembly reflect the position of GIMUN.

All other publications, such as resolutions adopted during simulations, reflect the opinions of participants attending a particular event.



In establishing financial partnerships, collaborations, and investments, GIMUN applies this Ethical Charter. GIMUN does not accept any funding tied to religious, political or other purposes which require it to act in violation of Swiss law, its statutes, or the present charter.

GIMUN does not enter into partnerships with institutions whose goals or actions are incompatible with GIMUN goals and values.

It does not enter partnerships with institutions or States, which have been condemned by the UN for serious violations of human rights, or international law in general.


Personal data protection

GIMUN ensures the protection of the personal data with which it is entrusted in its activities, according to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection. With the exception of security and internal organisation reasons, it can disclose these personal data to third parties only with the agreement of the concerned people.



The present Charter may be modified at all times by the GIMUN General Assembly. Any modification may be proposed by any member of the GIMUN General Assembly. It must be submitted in writing to the General Assembly along the agenda.











Article 1: Goals
Article 2: Principles
Article 4: Transparency
Article 5: Accountability
Article 3: Equal opportunity
Article 6: Social and environmental impact
Article 7: Political Stance
Article 8: Partnerships
Article 9: Personal data protection
Article 10: Modification
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