The MUN Delegation training has the goal to promote MUNs amongst students at the University of Geneva by giving participants the necessary skills to participate in an MUN conference. Each semester, our experienced Head Delegates introduce newcomers to public speaking, the rules of procedures and resolution writing. The training is meant for students interested in international politics, diplomacy and debating, but that have not yet participated in a MUN conference.

What is the MUN Delegation?

The MUN Delegation consists of weekly meetings for beginner MUNers in order to prepare them to participate in a MUN conference. The GIMUN Delegation is based at the University of Geneva but also open to students from other universities in Geneva.


The main purpose of our Delegate training is to give university students the opportunity to learn about the MUN world and to give them the skills necessary to become great delegates. The training is lead by two experienced Head Delegates that train the participants one evening every week during 5 or 6 weeks. By participating in our weekly meetings, you will become familiar with the procedures and mechanisms of MUN conferences and gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to participate in a Model UN.


At the end of the training, delegates have the possibility to participate in an international conference to put their skills into practice. As part of the GIMUN Delegation, you will be exempt from paying the participation fees for that conference.


If you want to join MUN Delegation, send a CV and a cover letter, both in English, to


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