The GIMUN delegation is an opportunity to grow as an individual and a debater. Weekly, we meet to cultivate public speaking skills, raise awareness about current events, and master the traditional MUN debate. This holistic approach creates an environment where each individual has the opportunity to flourish as an influential debater. 


Concretely, our meetings are set up of different activities all with the goal of delegate developpement. Each meeting is divided into two parts.


The first part of it is focused around general debate training:


  • Public speaking exercises and games allow for each delegate to feel more comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. 

  • Debates and presentations on current events, either through presentation by the head delegates or through the initiative of delegates themselve, make sure each delegate is an informed world citizen. 

  • Analysis of powerful orators allow delegates to build their public speaking tool box by looking at experts in their domain

  • Interventions from guest speakers who are successful in their respective domains. 


The second part of the meeting is traditional MUN training. This will include:

  • General templates for position papers

  • Training on the strict rules of procedure 

  • Tips on how to write impactful resolutions 

  • An ongoing debate throughout each meeting to apply the skills looked at in each session


Throughout the year, students will be chosen to represent GIMUN in various conferences across Europe. These MUN conferences are the culmination of the GIMUN delegation. They are an opportunity to concretely apply the skills polished during weekly meetings and connect with students from other universities who have done the same. Some conferences will be conducted online which means delegates will still be able to participate in these fun conferences regardless of restrictive COVID19 policies. We might be able to send people internationally depending on the evolution of the situation. 


In all, the GIMUN delegation is both an extension and an application of your academic studies, while also being an amazing social circle of passionate students. Joining the delegation is joining the world wide MUN community as well as the local GIMUN community. Both of these are filled with driven and smart students looking to make a  difference in this world. 

If you are interested in being a part of our delegation, or have questions send an email to:, and



As a member of the advanced delegation of the GIMUN organisation, you will be participating in weekly gatherings where you’ll get to debate interesting topics with other members. Each member is given a country and has to, for the duration of the semester, defend that country’s point of view whether they personally agree with it or not. The advanced delegation will be meeting on Wednesdays from 18h00 to 20h00 and will also organise a trip abroad to participate in a conference. To join the advanced delegation we expect that you are already familiar with MUN rules of procedure and have at least some experience with MUN. If that is not the case, no cause for concern, all you need to do is join the beginner’s delegation where you will learn all you need to know about MUN. We look forward to seeing your applications and starting fruitful debates!