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The core of GIMUN are the delegates, participants that represent countries, international organisations or NGO in a particular committee. They are there to defend their countries’ interests, and promote the ideas that would be most beneficial for themselves – all in a spirit of mutual respect and diplomacy. Delegates have the difficult role of juggling between their personal convictions, their home state’s needs and restrictions, and their heavy task of convincing other States of the pertinence of their position.


GIMUN also has the unique position of "ambassador", which designates a person that represents one of the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations. Their task is to aid the delegates of their respective country during preparation and during the conference, in order for the delegate to be prepared, to respect their countries positions and to participate in the discussions.

This position is intended for already experienced delegates that would like to hold a more complex position. Being an ambassador allows students to improve their leadership skills and to see the conference in a new light.

The Annual Conference is the oldest event organised by GIMUN. First held in 1999, it has steadily grown in size and now hosts about 200 delegates from all over the world. During the GIMUN Annual Conference, delegates simulate committees of the UN or of other international organisations.


To give everyone an insight on the different committees of the conference, as well as to give background information on current events, every GIMUN Annual Conference has a talented team of journalists. During the conference, they bring a new dimension to the debate by putting forth non-diplomatic criticism and their own opinions. The daily newspaper "The GIMUN Chronicles" can make and break resolutions and brings a new dimension to the simulation. This position is intended for all those who are interested in journalism and who would like to voice their opinions in a professional and international environment


Chairs and Vice-Chairs are the representatives of the Secretariat in each committee. They are already experienced MUNers that moderate the sessions, give out recommendations and advice and have a general supervisory role to help the debate move into the right direction. They also choose the committee topics and prepare all the necessary documents for the debate as well as review the position papers submitted by the delegates.


GIMUN tries to grasp a part of the United Nations multilingualism by having a team of Translators. They translate all official documents written by the delegates. Our translators are normally students pursuing their master’s degree in translation. With GIMUN, they have the unique chance to find professional experience in the field of their future careers. This professionalism transpires in their job performance throughout the conference, giving a unique atmosphere of authenticity to the conference.


GIMUN tries to grasp a part of the United Nations multilingualism by having a team of Interpreters. They provide simultaneous interpretation for formal speeches, and consecutive interpretation during informal speeches. Our interpreters are master students in conference interpretation. They are supported by a team of experienced professional interpreters and professors in the field. GIMUN allows interpretation students to exercise their skills in a realistic environment.

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