The Conference Staff is responsible for the organisation of our Annual Conference. 


Sarah-Luna Mongin

Secretary General

Sarah-Luna is undergoing the second year of her bachelor’s in Political Science and she holds the position of Secretary General for the 2021 Annual Conference. She began her involvement with the MUN society as a delegate three years ago, participating in several conferences.  Within GIMUN, she was first part of the events team for the 2019-2020 mandate as she organized the advanced debate sessions which due to COVID-19, were postponed. She looks forward to seeing the next generation of leaders engaging in the critical issues of our time and sharing a unique experience shaped around a common passion.



USG for Committee Management

Ayswarya is in her third-year bachelor of Psychology program at Heriot-Watt University. She is an Indian who resides in Dubai. Her interest in politics and debating led her to start her journey into the world of MUNs. In 2020, she had the opportunity to attend the GIMUN Annual Conference as a delegate. Becoming part of the GIMUN delegation empowered her to forge new friendships and  to cultivate a novel perspective of thought. As an USG for Committee Management, Ayswarya is elated exploring engaging topics from a multidimensional outlook on issues from the world. "MUNs has always been a platform that entails an experience that can enhance, evolve, and revolutionize thought through an effective articulation of foreign policies", she quotes.



USG for Committee Management

Daria is pursuing a dual master’s degree in International Development and World Politics. She has discovered MUN back in her first year of university in Paris and has been involved for a while now, in every capacity from Delegate to Secretariat, and everything in between! Daria grew up between two countries with fairly different cultures and her favourite part about MUN is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring the diversity of points of view. In her spare time, she enjoys learning new languages, binge watching TED talks and meeting with her MUN friends from all over the world. She is deeply convinced that Model UN can be a great tool to create positive change, and being USG Committee Management at GIMUN2021 is a true honour for her!


USG for IT/ Logistics

Originally from Cameroon, Michael is currently studying International Relations at the Università degli Studi di Torino in Italy. He participated as a delegate in several MUNs, including GIMUN 2018 and 2019 in which he obtained the Honorable Mention Award; he subsequently took part in GIMUN 2020 as an Ambassador. For this particular GIMUN 2021 edition, he is Under-Secretary-General for IT and Logistics. For him, each GIMUN Annual Conference is a unique experience that offers the junior diplomat an opportunity to learn by doing, to be 100% involved in the international reality, to get closer to UN institutions, to strengthen his skills, as well as to meet young people from all over the world, make friends and have fun all at the same time. He is happy to work for his favorite MUN and plans to have a career by fighting to help others achieve their own dreams. He is also a football referee, and is passionate about dance and news.


Anna Golikova

USG for Press and Medias

My name is Anna and I am Under-Secretary General for Press and Medias. I am delighted that this year our Model will take place despite all the obstacles we have faced recently. Now, more than ever we must unite to defend together the values that are important to all of us. The Press department is an essential component of our conference, as we cover every aspect of the debates, interview the best delegates for our articles and create a space for dialogue and exchange of information. I hope that this year we will be able not only to keep the high level of our reporting, but also to conquer new heights.



USG for Human Resources

Zvezdana is a third-year International Relations student at the University of Belgrade. She took part in her first MUN conference when she was in high school, and she has been passionate about it ever since. She hopes that delegates will find GIMUN 2021 fun and challenging in spite of, or rather thanks to the unique way in which it will take place this time round. Having previously chaired UNEP at GIMUN 2020, this is her first time as USG,  and her priority during her upcoming time as Under-Secretary General for Human Resources is for everyone to feel welcome and heard regardless of whether they are a first-timer or a MUN veteran. 



USG for Translation

Born and raised in Lausanne, Switzerland, Elisa is currently studying for a Master’s degree in translation at the University of Geneva. It is to practice translation in a realistic context and to meet people from all over the world that she joined GIMUN last year, becoming the Head of Translation 2019-2020. She also took part in the 2020 Annual Conference as a translator for the Pan-African Congress committee and thought it was an amazing experience; she is now excited to help others discover how enriching translating for a MUN Conference is. Her goal: to help make this event useful, fun, full of enriching encounters and, of course, bilingual. Apart from the MUN world, Elisa likes travelling, reading, writing and meeting new people. She is excited to take up the challenge an online conference represents, and to meet – even virtually – her colleagues and team !


Kenza Vionnet

USG for Translation

Kenza is currently completing a degree in translation and technologies in Geneva. This is the third time she has participated in the Annual Conference. In 2019, she took part as a translator and last year she was one of the USGs for translation and she had the pleasure of setting up a team of highly-motivated translators. This year, she will do her best to promote bilingualism and she will make sure everyone has a fulfilling experience despite the circumstances.



Secretary General

Erin is an 19 year old student at the University of Geneva who is currently studying for a Bachelor’s in International Relations. In the past, she’s lived in France, Singapore and Cambodia. Her close connection with travelling and different cultures has been at the core of her love for Model United Nations, as it’s allowed her to meet fantastic new people all across the globe. GIMUN 2021 will be her eighth conference, but her first as a co-organiser and Secretary General, she can’t wait to meet you all and hopes you all have a great time!

Ibrahim Muhammad Khan

USG for Committee Management

Ibrahim is completing his dual bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from Lahore, Pakistan. If there's one thing Ibrahim is dedicated about in his life other than helping people, it's participating in every single debating event whether it be a parliamentary event or a Model UN. His dedication and determination towards debates is what has refined him into an extremely sublime debater. Ibrahim has managed to bag a number of accolades throughout the course of his debating career and considers Model UN conferences to be the ideal platform for a combination of intense debate, impactful rhetorics and fine diplomacy. Besides debates, Ibrahim is a supporter of Universal Health Coverage and advocates for Meaningful Youth Participation in decision making processes at all levels. He prides himself in his sense of humour, and his explorative taste in music. His aspirations include travelling the world for food and culture and having his own late night show.


Dhruvi Khandelwal Sukhani

USG for IT/ Logistics

Dhruvi is a Law student at IE University in Madrid, Spain. Though her passion lays in cooking, MUN calls a close second place. She started taking part in MUNs during her secondary school years and has been in more than 12 conferences since then. Her favorite committees are the Bilderberg Group and the UNWomen. Born in India, Dhruvi is multilingual and has a passion for languages. Her investigative interests are regarding nutrition and criminal rehabilitation. It is easy to capture her attention by speaking of Religion or Politics, or even thriller movies. Dhruvi is highly entangled in uni life, as cheerleader for the IEU Athletics Team and Event Coordinator for the IEU Debate Club. Apart from all that, she was also Director General of the first MUN in her University, IEUMUN 2020.

Gandi och.jpeg


USG for IT/ Logistics

Gandi is a second-year International Relations student at the University of Geneva, majoring in law. This is the first time that she is being part of the organizing team for the GIMUN Annual Conference and she is looking forward to taking part in it. She comes from Mongolia and has been living in Switzerland since 2013. She likes to push herself doing new things and having new experiences. Being part of the GIMUN Annual Conference is one of her newests challenges. Having participated in national and regional sessions of European Youth Parliament Switzerland and having experiences in organizing events, Gandi is awaiting with great expectation to to learn and share her experiences with fellow USGs and the whole organizing team of the 2021 GIMUN Annual Conference. 


Besma Abdallah

USG for Press and Medias

Besma is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Geneva. She is passionate about international relations and Global Health. Indeed, she has always been fascinated with bettering the human condition no matter the circumstances. Since the start of her Academic journey, she has been very active in different student organizations. She thrives in highly multicultural environments such as MUN and likes to interact with new people and learn about their views. Others of her interests include graphic design and writing which is an important component of her work as a USG for Press. Besma is very honored to be part of the GIMUN team during such a special mandate and extremely excited to discover everything that this year’s conference will bring.


USG for Human Resources

Samuel is a hardworking, passionate, dedicated, daring, friendly and joyful person. Currently a sophomore student studying International Studies at Strathmore University in Kenya, he is passionate about international affairs and sustainable development goals.  In the next decade he hopes to play an active role in some of the world’s pressing issues and to find sustainable solutions to them.  Sam is currently the Deputy Under-Secretary-General for Strathmore University Chapter for Kenya Model United Nations. He loves being part of MUN, because he believes the platform gives everyone the chance to grow intellectually, to discover their passions, and to interact with people from all around the world and with different perspectives. He is extremely grateful to be serving as the USG of Human Resources with Zvezdana and cannot wait to interact with the delegates, secretariat and everyone here at GIMUN 2020-2021.

GMFC2896 (3).JPG

Coralie Prost

USG for Translation

Coralie is in the first year of her Master's degree in Translation and Specialised Multilingual Communication at the University of Geneva. She joined GIMUN as a member of the translation team in spring 2020 to discover the exciting world of international organisations and to practice translation on a voluntary basis. This is her first time participating in the Annual Conference, and she looks forward to this exciting challenge. Coralie is committed to ensuring the bilingualism of the Conference through high quality translations, and to promoting cohesion between the members of the translation team (even online). She hopes that the event will prove pleasant and enriching for all despite the special circumstances.