The Conference Staff is responsible for the organisation of our Annual Conference. 


Nicolas Cavadini

Secretary General

Nicolas is a 21 years old student of international relations at the University of Geneva originally from the Swiss Italian countryside. From a young age, Nicolas was always interested in what was outside his region. For this reason, his passions include traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Coming to Geneva and joining GIMUN in 2020 was an incredible experience for him. From the very beginning, Nicolas felt comfortable being part of the GIMUN delegation. After participating in a few conferences as a delegate he became part of the Executive Board as Secretary-General. He is looking forward to meeting each of you.


Maha Siddiqui

USG for Committee Management

Maha Siddiqui, is a fourth year Bsc. Psychology (Honours) student at Heriot-Watt University. Having started Model UN from the age of 11, Maha has always had a passion for international relations and being an advocate for making the world a better place. Born in the United States of America to a Pakistani-ancestral background, raised in Saudi Arabia, and having moved to UAE-UK consecutively, she’s had the opportunity of meeting people from diverse backgrounds and experiencing various perspectives from what we call life. Maha has participated in over 50+ conferences taking up several roles and has  enjoyed the diplomatic life. Being a part of GIMUN, is a chance for her to give back to society; and implement her skills and knowledge. She’s thrilled to be working alongside such talented people and looks forward to seeing you all very soon.


Dhruvi Khandelwal 

USG for Committee Management 

Dhruvi is a third year law student at IE university, Madrid. Having grown up in India, she was raised speaking many languages at once. She's extremely passionate about food (cooking, eating and critiquing) and debates. At university, she manages the events team at IE Debate Club and is the captain of the cheerleading team. She thoroughly enjoys the experience of Model UN since she first started high school. Since then, she's been to a multitude of conferences as delegate and chair likewise. She was also the Director General of IE university's first Model United Nations Conference. To end the introduction, it would be fair to add that one of her guilty pleasures is reading psychological thrillers. If you ever want to find common ground with her, be sure to bring up how reading books on e-readers are so much better than physical copies


Florence Koch

USG for HR

Florence is a 20 year old student and is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva. Raised in Zurich, Florence developed a passion for advocating for the youth early on during her academic career in high school, where she actively participated in the student environment in the course of her role as student president. Living in Geneva has greatly influenced her interest in international politics and communication. Wanting to expand her knowledge and gain experiences in the domain of international politics, she joined GIMUN in 2021. To her, GIMUN represents an organization that brings young people together in a place where they can acquire new skills, share their thoughts and debate about the ongoing political happenings. She hopes that within her role as USG for human resources she can create an environment for the participating students where everyone can reach their full potential.


Julia Baumann

USGs for Cultural Events

Julia is currently in the second year of her studies in international relations at the university of Geneva. She grew up in the German part of Switzerland and decided to move to Geneva in order to pursue her studies in an international, multicultural environment. For her, the MUN is not only a perfect possibility to put theoretical knowledge gained at university into practise, but also a great way to acquire new skills and to face exciting challenges. Foreign languages and different cultures have always appealed to her. This is why she is delighted to be part of the cultural events team for this year’s conference. She contributes with her optimistic attitude to their work and is looking forward to organizing unforgettable events that bring people from all over the world closer together.


Emma Dettwiler

USGs for Logistics

Emma is 20 years old and she comes from the french-german bilingual city of Biel in Switzerland. From an early age on, she was able to get to know foreign cultures and languages by travelling with her parents and school. Through various language stays, she made many international friends and became aware of how important and beautiful these connections are. After her exchange year in Argentina, it was clear to her that she could best deepen this acquired interest in foreign cultures by studying international relations in Geneva, which she started in 2020. In her opinion, GIMUN is an optimal place to learn a respectful and constructive exchange between different cultures and nationalities from an early age on.


Letizia Ferhati

USG for Translation

Letizia is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Geneva, where she is, simultaneously, studying for two degrees in Law and International Relations. Having lived in 4 countries, aside from multiple experiences abroad and the eradicated lust for travelling from the youngest age, have awarded her fluency in 5 languages, as well as fostering her inborn international open-mindedness and attitude to cross-cultural communication. In addition to her work as a Young Ambassador for the European Union, in the last 2 years, she has moved to Geneva to harness her lifelong interest in global affairs, into a critical awareness of the international system. She believes that GIMUN will represent the one-of-a-kind opportunity of gaining a firsthand perspective into the dynamics of the world of international relations, while benefiting from the invaluable enrichment of working within a challenging multicultural environment, at transnational level. 


Caroline Corne

USG for Press and Media

Caroline is a 20 years old master degree student in Geneva. She was born in France and studied History and Political Sciences in Paris. She then moved to Geneva to continue her studies in Middle Eastern Studies.

Caroline has always been interested in this area and in international relations and politics in general. She loves traveling and discovering new language and culture. For those reasons, she went to Finland in exchange. She thinks that GIMUN can be an amazing experience for all international students in order to debate and learn from the others.


Darius Harnisch

Secretary General

Darius is 19 and currently undergoing the second year of his bachelor in Law and International Relations at the University of Geneva. Half German and half Swiss but brought up in Colombia, France and Israel, he had the privilege of travelling and being surrounded by different cultures for his entire life, which firmly planted the roots of his belief in internationalism. The opportunity to learn multiple languages and meet people from all over the world developed a passion for exchange that brought him to MUN, first in Bogotá and then in Geneva. To him, GIMUN embodies the spirit of international Geneva and its values, and he hopes that by organizing the GIMUN conference this year he can transmit them by creating a space to debate, to exchange and to learn as much as possible.


Daria Kisseleva

USG for Committee Management

Daria is pursuing a master’s degree in International Development and International Security. She discovered MUN back in her first year of university in Paris and has been involved for a while now, in every capacity from delegate to Secretariat, and everything in between! Growing up between two countries with fairly different cultures, Daria’s favourite part about MUN is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring the diversity of points of view.  When she’s not involved in some MUN-related activity, you can find Daria in between two aisles at the uni library, or wandering in one of the few green spaces  of Paris.

Daria is extremely excited to come back to Geneva and contribute to another edition of the epic conference that is GIMUN. She is deeply convinced that Model UN can be a great tool to create positive change, and being involved in this process as one of the USGs Committee Management is a true honor for her. She is looking very much forward to meeting everyone in Geneva and online!


Alba Mata

USG for HR

Alba is a 19 years old student, half Spanish and Moroccan, who lived in Cameroon and Gabon for 10 years, then moved back to Spain. Now in her second year of International Relations and Politics at the University of Geneva, she is pursuing her interests such as global governance, human rights and international challenges. As she fell in love with the dynamic and spirit of GIMUN, this year she wanted to go further by applying for under secretary general for human resources, while remaining in the advanced delegation. 

She is very much looking forward to contribute with her positivity and rigour to not just the organisation of the MUN conference this year but the association in general.


Akosua Asante

USG for HR

Akosua Asante is entering her second year at the University of Ghana where she is currently taking her Bachelor's degree in Political science and French. Her love for exploring cultures and meeting new people motivated her to join the MUN world in 2017 in highschool. She firmly believes that the interactions between young people from around the world who have different thoughts and ideas promises a brighter future for the world. She is extremely excited to work on the team and hopes to make long-lasting friendships while helping to make the conference a wholesome experience for everyone.


Sebastiano Ravetta

USGs for Cultural Events

Sebastiano is a 20 years old Italian student who moved to Geneva in 2020 to start his Bachelor in International Relationship with the dream of pursuing a diplomatic career. Since high school, Sebastiano has shown a passion for organizing events and traveling around the world. His job in GIMUN will be to organize the Annual Conference with a lot of cultural events, to show the beauty of the city of Geneva, and also allow those present to interact at their best. He has already taken part in some GIMUN meetings and had the occasion to meet some of his colleagues that all affirm that GIMUN is a big family ready to welcome all of you.


Anna Golikova

USGs for Logistics

Anna Golikova is 22 years old. This year she graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. She also studied Law at the University of Valencia. Her main research interest is cybersecurity, its legal aspects and the problem of attribution. Anna worked as a fundraiser consultant in non-profit organisations in Tanzania and Uganda. She loves learning new languages and speaks English, Russian, Spanish and French.


Cloé Mini

USG for Translation

Cloé is 21 years old, and she comes from Ticino (the Italian part of Switzerland). She is currently in her third year of Bachelor in Multilingual Communication at the University of Geneva. The languages she is studying are Italian (her mother tongue), English, German and French, and this semester she has also started a weekly Chinese course at the Université Populaire du Canton de Genève. As you may have understood, foreign languages really passionate her, and in order to always improve her level, she also gives Italian, German and French classes to three different students aged between 14 and 18 years old. Besides languages, she loves reading books, especially mysteries, and getting in touch with new people from all over the world thanks to the Tandems offered by the University of Geneva. This allows her to better know and understand the cultures across the world, and to grow her interest in interculturalism. For all these reasons, Cloé feels ready to start this new adventure in the GIMUN, hoping to give an important contribution to this NGO.


Ecem Sila Memis

USG for Press and Media

Ecem is an M.A student at the University of Geneva. She holds B.A from Bilkent University with a minor in International Relations and a major in English Language and Literature. She has lived in France, Turkey and Switzerland, which fueled her passion for the international environment. Having returned to Switzerland for her Master’s Degree, Ecem has also gained work experience at the United Nations Office at Geneva Centre for Learning and Multilingualism. She is passionate about literature and cinema within a global context. She is now USG for Press and Media and is looking forward to the experiences with GIMUN.