The Conference Staff is responsible for the organisation of our Annual Conference. 

Natalie Joray

Secretary General

Natalie is a 21 year old third year international relations student at the University of Geneva. She has been involved in GIMUN as a member of the MUN Delegation in the first year and participated in the 2018 Conference as an Ambassador. Last year, she has been part of the board as the Public Relations Director. Now, she is ready for a new challenge: Co- organising the GIMUN Annual Conference as a secretary general together with Mihail Mouhlov. She hopes that the 2020 Conference will be a great start into the third decade of GIMUN’s existence.

Chizulu Uwolloh

USG for Committee Management

Chizulu, called Zulu by everyone, is a 21 year old law student from Nigeria. She started her MUN journey in 2017 at the Lagos MUN (LMUN) conference in Nigeria. This started her MUN addiction and she has been to various conferences around the world as a delegate, head delegate and chair. She has also served as a Deputy Secretary General for the 2019 LMUN. She is very excited to serve as one of the USGs for Committee Management for GIMUN 2020 and looks forward to seeing the solutions delegates create to address past, present and future global issues!

John Fernandez

USG for Academics

John Fernandez is a Computer Science and Computer Game Science dual-major at the University of California, Irvine in the United States. At 19 years of age, he hails from San Diego, California. Though his major focus is Brain-Computer Interfaces, he maintains an interest in space science, collective history, and Model United Nations. Through GIMUN, he hopes to create the most impactful and engaging MUN conference feasibly possible and to facilitate learning for everyone involved.

Yara Lilie de Leon

USG for Human Resources

Yara Lilie de Léon is one of the three USG for Human Resources and she is very excited to meet all of you at GIMUN 2020. Yara is 18 years old and is studying Health Sciences and Technology at the ETH in Zurich. She has been involved in MUN since she was 16 and has attended over 14 conferences. For GIMUN 2020, she hopes to make it an unforgettable event for all participants and that everyone feels as welcome as possible.

Artina Fejazullahu

USG for Cultural Events

Artina Fejzullahu was born and raised in Kosovo. Motivated by the political circumstances of the region, she moved to Geneva to study International Relations at the age of 18. Aspiring to work in the humanitarian domain in the future, she is active outside of university in different student associations. It did not take long for her to fall in love with the beautiful and diverse city of Geneva where she also learned the French language. Artina has joined GIMUN for their 2020 conference as an Undersecretary-General for Cultural Events and it will be her first experience with a MUN event.

Isabel Peláez

USG for Logistics

Isabel was born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia in 1991. She studied economics at the University of San Buenaventura Cali and now came to Geneva to further her academic and professional career. Her goal for GIMUN is to apply her skills and knowledge to get the conference to a new level and to simultaneously learn and grow on a personal and professional level. She also wants participants to have a pleasant experience and a wonderful stay in Geneva during the conference.

Martina Tisdall

USG for Press

Swiss native, 22-year-old Martina just finished her bachelor’s degree in humanities at the University of Geneva. It is her third contribution to GIMUN; she participated as a journalist in 2018 and she took on the position of USG for Press and Media during the 20th edition last year. She is very happy to come back to insure the best coverage possible during the upcoming conference and to once again have the opportunity to be enriched by the wonderful experience that is GIMUN altogether.

Kenza Vionnet

USG for Translation

Kenza is a 24-year-old Swiss student living in the region of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a first-year Master student in translation at the University of Geneva and has always had a passion for languages and travelling. This is her second GIMUN. She was a translator in 2019 and is thrilled to take part this year as one of the Under Secretary General for Translation. This year, she will do her best to promote bilingualism and put together a team of highly-motivated and close-knit translators for the conference.

Mihail Mouhlov

Secretary General

Mihail is 21 years old and is currently studying in his third year of international relations at the University of Geneva. His passions include international crime and cybersecurity. Apart from that, his life is mainly focused around good coffee, travels and lengthy discussions, but he also spends time lamenting over the amount of course work he has or GIMUN e-mails to write. At every conference, he notices that the Secretary Generals seem very distant from all the delegates, so he will take it as his mission to get to know as many participants during GIMUN 2020 as he can – don’t be afraid to approach him and say hi!

Victoria Luján

USG for Committee Management

Victoria Luján is 19 years old and from Venezuela. She is currently in her third year of her Bachelor in Politics, Law, and Economics, along with the LLB programme at IE University in Madrid. She has been attending MUN conferences for the past six years, and this is her third time at GIMUN. As the substantive preparation is key for the development of productive discussions and effective proposals, her goal as USG for Committee Management is to guarantee that the debates run smoothly, with the guidance of the team of chairs. She wants to make sure that all the participants engage in dialogue, finding solutions for topics of current and historic relevance.

Antoine Gothuey

USG for Human Resources

Antoine is one of our three Under-Secretaries-General for Human Resources for this 21st edition of GIMUN. He is a Swiss and French citizen, 21 years old and he was raised in the cosmopolitan region of Geneva. For him, being involved in the so-called “Geneva Spirit” was a no brainer. Believing that politics are too problematic to be left to the cynics alone, he hopes pragmatism, optimism and involvement will be the key-words used in the future to describe his generation. He is finishing his Bachelor of International Relations at the University of Geneva and is looking forward to starting a Master outside of Europe.

Asmita Schoettli

USG for Cultural Events

Asmita was born in 1996 in Delhi, India. When she was 10 months old, she was adopted by a Swiss couple, which raised her together with two brothers in the Swiss countryside near Basel. A need for change and her passion for languages drew her to Geneva. A home to a lot of people of different origins, Geneva was the right place for her. She loves meeting people with diverse backgrounds - this is also why she wanted to be part of the MUN-Community. This is her second term as a USG for cultural events, and she is already looking forward to meeting many new faces from all over the world.

Joanna Ruan

USG for Logistics

Joanna Ruan is a 19-year-old Swiss national born in Shanghai, China. She speaks English, Chinese, French, and some German – often finding herself at the intersection of three remarkably different cultures. She currently studies International Relations in the University of Geneva. She has previously participated as a delegate in the 2019 edition of GIMUN. The positive and cooperative atmosphere of the conference as well as the exciting stories of each participant has inspired her to take an active role in GIMUN. Joanna is honoured to take on the role of the USG for Logistics and hopes to provide an enjoyable experience to all participants of the conference.

Fernanda Sapiña

USG for Press

Fernanda is a recent graduate from the American University of Paris where she studied Global Communications and Journalism. She is currently a communications intern at the OECD in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate. She has been doing MUN since her high school years and became passionate about diplomacy and humanitarian development ever since. She’s an avid Instagrammer and journalist with a passion for social justice, sustainable development, communications, international relations and affairs, human rights and climate change. She loves travelling, art history and is trying to save the world one cup of coffee at a time.

Nicole Rosenberg

USG for Translation

As a young girl growing up in Toronto, Canada, Nicole was exposed to both the English and French language from a very young age. She is currently completing an MA in Specialised Translation (Legal and Institutional) at the University of Geneva in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a professional translator within an international organisation. As Under-Secretary-General for Translation for the second consecutive year, she hopes to actively contribute to the bilingual environment and overall success of the 2020 Annual Conference.


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