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We are very happy to present you the list of committees for the GIMUN Annual Conference 2023.

For the first time, this year the Annual Conference will be trilingual. We will have committees in French, English and Spanish!


This year GIMUN wants to bring to light the greatest number of regional committees, by representing all the regions of the world!

 United Nations Refugees Agency

UNHCR (MUN Refugee Challenge) (English) 


  • Ensuring the Safety of Asylum Seekers

  • Addressing Internal Displacement

 United Nations Security Council - UNSC (English) 


  • The Attribution of a 6th Permanent Member Seat​

  • Exploitation of the Arctic's Natural Resources

 International Labour Organization - ILO (English) 


  • Working rights for migrant workers

  • Eliminating children’s work in armed and social conflicts

 Union Africaine - UA (Français) 


  • Guerre du Kivu : la population oubliée d’un massacre mis en sourdine

  • Le “Soft-néocolonialisme” : La Chine-Afrique, une forme acceptable de colonialisme ?

 Organización de los Estados Americanos - OEA (Español) 


  • Revisando la crisis en Venezuela: reconocimiento, rol energético y situación humanitaria en un panorama político en transformación

  • El crimen organizado y sus consecuencias en los flujos migratorios en América central y del sur

 Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum

ASEAN Regional Forum (English) 


  • Conflits over the use of weapons of mass destruction in East Asia

  • South China sea dispute

 Historical Crisis Committee : (English) 


  • Preparing the Paris Peace Conference (1918 - 19) with a focus on the Levant region and the Sykes Picot Agreement

 Cour Pénale Internationale - CPI : (Français) 


  • Le Procureur c. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir ICC-02/05-01/09


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