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Popaedia is a land without any geographical, ideological, linguistic or cultural boundaries. Within our articles, we focus on: exploring a different theme every semester and analyze ongoing current affairs.



Do you have a passion for writing or designing? Would you like to take a leading role in GIMUN's newest project aimed to increase intercultural connections? Popaedia is a pop educational platform - 'pop' - adapting to today's popular culture and fast-paced lifestyle. It is not restrained by language barriers, cultural identities, or a particular form of presentation. It is a blog, a journal, and a platform for intercultural exchange.


The project is relatively new and this person will have the occasion to participate in its conception and initial development. We are looking for someone ambitious, a visionary. Someone self-disciplined and ready to take on a leading role with a team of writers and translators. He or she should be fluent in English and French. Skills in design are desired but not required. Please find detailed requirements in the document below.


If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact: She will be happy to present to you the main ideas of the project in a call. Applicants should send her their CV before Oct 3rd 2021. This will be followed by an interview.