The departments of GIMUN are small groups of around 5 to 10 students that are interested in one or multiple aspects of the association. The working groups give the participants the possibility to acquire professional skills in various domains.

Currently, GIMUN has three departments, one for Public Relations, under the Public Relations director of GIMUN, one for Finances, led by the Finance Director of GIMUN, as well as a department for Events, which organises under the watch of the Vice-Presidency.

The departments are open to students from all academic backgrounds and previous experience is not required.


The event management and event organisation department is responsible for all GIMUN events besides the Annual Conference. It is headed by the Vice-President.

  • Management of the MUN Delegation

  • Assisting the Vice-President with the elaboration of themes for the different GIMUN Events

  • Assisting the Vice-President with logistical tasks surrounding the GIMUN Events

  • Organising speakers and moderators for GIMUN Events

  • Being in contact with the editors, journalists and translators of the blog

  • Recruiting new staff for the blog together with the editors


The finance department is headed by the finance director. Members of the department are responsible for fundraising and budgeting for the organisation.

  • Organising fundraising events

  • Contacting potential sponsors

  • Assisting with financial tasks during the Annual Conference, such as the allocation of financial aid

  • Managing the financial aspects of the Study Trip week-ends


The PR Department is headed by the PR Director. Members of the department help the PR Director in their many tasks, in especially the promotion of events.

  • Writing texts on the events of GIMUN to publish them on the website

  • Assisting with filming and photographing during events

  • Using social media such as Snapchat and Instagram during events

  • Assisting the update of the content and layout of the website

  • Assisting with the writing of texts for the website and for social media

  • Correction of texts for the website and for social media in English and French

  • Organisation of stands and in-class presentations to recruit participants for events and new members

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