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The Heads of Departments are managing small teams. We have the Events Team, the Translation Team, the GIMUN Delegations, the Human Resources Team. 



Meet the Heads!

Events Team

Santiago Ruiz Perez

Santiago is a 19- year- old Colombian student. He joined GIMUN as USG committee manager for the 2022 Annual Conference, while in his first year of the Bachelor’s in International RelationsInternational Relations. Since high school, Santiago has been active in the MUN world; when he arrived to in Geneva, he was immediately fascinated by GIMUN. He will work to keep developing GIMUN's events side and its connection to international Geneva, while doing organizing social events to bring the members to be even closer. He is excited for this year’s events and the experiences they will bring to him and to their attendees, and he can't wait to work with his magnificent team.

Events Team

Shavonne McDonald

Shavonne is a student currently doing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva. After finishing her Matura in Zurich, she decided to move to Geneva to experience a different and more international part of Switzerland. Shavonne decided to join GIMUN’s Events Team at the beginning of her studies to improve her organisational and management skills. Having collected great experience and beautiful memories with GIMUN and its members, she is ready to face a new challenge being Co-head of the Events Team. She cannot wait to meet the new members and see what this year has to offer

Translation Team

Nicole Gada

Nicole is 24 years old and she was born and raised in Ticino (in the Italian side of Switzerland). She has a Master’s degree in specialized translation and is currently completing her Master’s degree in multilingual communication. She speaks Italian, English, French, German and she started studying Swedish. She has always been passionate about languages, and she loves traveling and meeting new people. Therefore, last year, she decided to join the GIMUN as USG for translation at the Annual Conference and as member of the translation team. After her previous experiences in the association, Nicole feels ready to start her journey as Head of the Translation Department and to take on more responsibilities.

Translation Team

Hianau Siu

Hianau was born and raised in Tahiti, where she learned English and Spanish, as well as Tahitian and Mandarin, as part of her curriculum, while studying Japanese and Korean by herself. At 18 years old, she traded the turquoise Pacific lagoons for the chilly shores of Léman lake to pursue higher education. Her passion for languages led her to join the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Geneva, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in multilingual communication and where she is currently pursuing a masters in translation and specialized multilingual communication. Hianau was a member of the GIMUN translation department for a year and has participated in the last two Annual Conferences, as a translator, prior to becoming Head of department. Using her newfound responsibilities, she hopes to promote the importance of multilingualism, especially within an association which functions and achieves its goal through efficient communication in different languages


Quentin Jeandupeux

Quentin is a 19 years old 2nd year of International Relations student (BARI), orientation law, who grew up in Switzerland. He joined the association in 2022 at the beginning of his degree. He is passionate about the international world and during the college he went to England for a year to study and met lots of new people. His positive experience at GIMUN and the multiples delegations he attended successively encouraged him to invest further in the MUN world by becoming Head Delegate. By bringing his knowledge from various fields he wishes to widen the horizon of debates. His main mission is to frame the debate, guide the delegates to improve and engage in a constructive discussion as well as the integration of new members through great events of which GIMUN has the secret. He begins the year occupied by his compulsory military service as infantry but is thrilled to meet all the new delegates to begin an amazing year.


Alexandre Leeflang

Alexandre is a 20 year old 2nd year International Relations Student. He joined GIMUN in 2022 as a member of delegation when he started his bachelor’s degree. Being Armenian and Dutch he has grown up in a multicultural household and is passionate about exploring other cultures. After his positive experience as a delegate in the GIMUN delegation, he decided to take on the challenge of bringing the same positive experience to the position of Head Delegate. He seeks to form special bonds between delegates and strengthen their MUN skills as well as their involvement in GIMUN. He has multiple work experiences in NGO’s and has participated in various UN events, as well as won a prize at such an occasion. 
Open minded to new suggestions, he would love to hear about any ideas you would like to contribute or share regarding the GIMUN delegation, wether it be for events, recommendations or simply encouragement.

Human Resources Team

John Chiarabini

John, 23, is passionate about economics and international relations, and is waiting to start his master's degree in economics. Having spent ten years of his life in Turin, Italy, followed by another decade in the international cosmopolitan environment of Geneva, he considers himself fortunate to have experienced first-hand both of these diverse cultures. Through his studies and cultural experiences, John has come to appreciate the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and nuanced perspectives. He is convinced that these aspects are essential to fostering mutual understanding and tackling the complex challenges facing our world. He has been selected to be Head of Human Resources for the year 2023-2024 and is excited to take up this challenge and invest himself fully in the GIMUN. He cannot wait to meet the other members of the organisation.

Human Resources Team

Mateo Betancour

Mateo, a 22-year-old 2nd year International Relations student specializing in International History, hails from Argentina but now resides in Switzerland for his studies. He is fluent in Spanish, French, and English, reflecting his passion for languages, politics, and cultures. In 2022, during his first year of Bachelor’s studies, Mateo joined the association, driven by his dedication to be in an international environment. He aspires to a future in diplomacy and believes that serving as Head of HR will provide him with a unique career perspective. Mateo's Swiss-Argentinian background allows him to merge two distinct cultures, enriching his personal identity and equipping him with a deep understanding of global dynamics. His journey is marked by a commitment to bridging cultural gaps and promoting international cooperation.

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