Dear USGs, chairs, translators, interpreters, journalists and delegates,


The first edition of GIMUN took place in 1999 and was organised by students of the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, we have come a long way: GIMUN has grown into a bigger and better association and has started organising other events besides its Annual Conference. In 2007, GIMUN became an accredited NGO to the ECOSOC. In 2009,  it expanded across the Atlantic Ocean and opened a chapter in New York and finally in 2010 it became an association of the University of Geneva. We have worked with other youth organisations in Asia, and have become founding members of Junes, now UNYA, and EMMUNET. In its now 20 – soon to be 21 – years of existence, GIMUN has inspired MUN conferences across the globe and has become a highlight in the European MUN circuit. The 2020 edition of the GIMUN Annual Conference is not only supposed to follow the footsteps of our predecessors, but also go a step further.


This year, our conference theme, “100 years of multilateralism” is inspired by the fact that ever since the international community came together on 10 January 1920 to found the League of Nations, Geneva has become the centre of multilateral diplomacy. To commemorate our city, as well as the centenary of the event that ultimately created our current international system, we have decided to simulate committees with historical aspects, as well as other committees which will deal with the challenges of the future. have both committees with historical aspects, and such turned to the challenges of the future.


Our goal for the conference is that all participants have the opportunity to see and understand international organisations, especially the United Nations, from a different perspective. We want our conference to serve as a prism, breaking down the monotony often related with international organisations. Being a delegate, ambassador, chair, translator or interpreter should help people to understand the processes behind the scenes and the work that goes into reaching an agreement applicable in real life circumstances. Currently, multilateralism is under attack from many different sides -nevertheless, the values and principles of multilateralism are necessary for a peaceful coexistence of multiple actors, be it States, international organisations or NGOs that form today’s world order. It is our duty to look back on this collective heritage and defend it from the onslaught of rising challenges that the near future holds.


See you in Geneva!

Mihail Mouhlov and Natalie Joray, Secretaries-General of GIMUN 2020


Dear future delegates, dear future chairs and dear future USGs.

Mihail Mouhlov

Mihail is 21 years old and is currently studying in his third year of international relations at the University of Geneva. His passions include international crime and cybersecurity. Apart from that, his life is mainly focused around good coffee, travels and lengthly discussions, but he also spends time lamenting over the amount of course work he has or GIMUN e-mails to write. At every conference, he notices that the Secretary Generals seem very distant from all the delegates, so he will take it as his mission to get to know as many participants during GIMUN 2020 as he can – don’t be afraid to approach him and say hi!

Natalie Joray

Natalie is a 21 year old third year international relations student at the University of Geneva. She has been involved in GIMUN as a member of the MUN Delegation in the first year and participated in the 2018 Conference as an Ambassador. Last year, she has been part of the board as the Public Relations Director. Now, she is ready for a new challenge: Co- organising the GIMUN Annual Conference as a secretary general together with Mihail Mouhlov. She hopes that the 2020 Conference will be a great start into the third decade of GIMUN’s existence.

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