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GIMUN Annual Conference 2024

«United in Diversity: Fostering Inclusion, Equity, and Cultural Understanding»

Trilingual conference in English, French, and Arabic

Date : 12th Feb - 16th Feb 2024


Matteo Dummar and Kara Djakou

GIMUN, or the Geneva International Model United Nations, is a five-day conference held every February in Geneva, the international capital of diplomacy and international relations. It brings together ambitious students from all over the world to discover new solutions to conflicting global ideals and national interests. 

GIMUN is the oldest university-level MUN conference in Switzerland, with 25 years of experience. GIMUN strikes the perfect balance between a professional atmosphere and social interaction among the delegates. Our councils are interesting and inspiring for beginner and veteran MUNers alike, and our cultural events and guest speakers are just as much part of the conference as the sessions. ​

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