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GIMUN Annual Conference

Theme: «Addressing conflicts and crisis: the new perspectives of the regional and international institutions»

Trilingual conference in English, French, Spanish

Date : 13th Feb - 17th Feb 2023


The Western narrative about conflicts fails to encompass and recognize the efforts of regional organizations in the resolution of said conflicts. We chose for this year to hold debates showcasing their abilities in doing so, and their importance in mediation.


Our Conference’s theme will revisit the role and perspectives of these regional actors, which can be associations, intergovernmental organizations, or even United Nations Agencies, in facing various types of conflicts and crisis.


This Conference follows the legacy of the previous GIMUN Annual Conferences, all taking place in Geneva, Switzerland since 1999. GIMUN have come a long way since then. We became accredited as an NGO to the ECOSOC in 2009


After 23 years of existence, GIMUN has inspired MUN conferences across the globe and has become a highlight in the European MUN circuit. We sincerely hope that the 2023 edition of the GIMUN Annual Conference will be all the more memorable.

Dear future delegates, dear future chairs and dear future USGs.

Mathilda Pradal

Hibat-Allah Hably

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