GIMUN Annual Conference


Theme: « Restoring multilateralism in a fractured world: Questions that divide and matters that unite »

Date : 14-18 Feb 2022


Dear USGs, chairs, translators, interpreters, journalists and delegates,


The first edition of GIMUN took place in 1999 and was organised by students of the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, we have come a long way: GIMUN has grown into a bigger and better association and has started organising other events besides its Annual Conference. In 2007, GIMUN became an accredited NGO to the ECOSOC. In 2009,  it expanded across the Atlantic Ocean and opened a chapter in New York and finally in 2010 it became an association of the University of Geneva. We have worked with other youth organisations in Asia, and have become founding members of Junes, now UNYA, and EMMUNET. In its now 22 years of existence, GIMUN has inspired MUN conferences across the globe and has become a highlight in the European MUN circuit. The 2022 edition of the GIMUN Annual Conference is not only supposed to follow the footsteps of our predecessors, but also go a step further.

The Secretaries-Generals 2021-2022

Dear future delegates, dear future chairs and dear future USGs.

 Nicolas Cavadini

Nicolas is a 21 years old student of international relations at the University of Geneva originally from the Swiss Italian countryside. From a young age, Nicolas was always interested in what was outside his region. For this reason, his passions include traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Coming to Geneva and joining GIMUN in 2020 was an incredible experience for him. From the very beginning, Nicolas felt comfortable being part of the GIMUN delegation. After participating in a few conferences as a delegate he became part of the Executive Board as Secretary-General. He is looking forward to meeting each of you.

Darius Harnisch

Darius is 19 and currently undergoing the second year of his bachelor in Law and International Relations at the University of Geneva. Half German and half Swiss but brought up in Colombia, France and Israel, he had the privilege of travelling and being surrounded by different cultures for his entire life, which firmly planted the roots of his belief in internationalism. The opportunity to learn multiple languages and meet people from all over the world developed a passion for exchange that brought him to MUN, first in Bogotá and then in Geneva. To him, GIMUN embodies the spirit of international Geneva and its values, and he hopes that by organizing the GIMUN conference this year he can transmit them by creating a space to debate, to exchange and to learn as much as possible.

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