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Geneva-based student run NGO founded in 1999

JOIN THE TEAM ! - Applications are closed!



The delegation is one of the core parts of GIMUN and was a starting point for many of today's GIMUN members.


As a delegate you will be taking part in weekly debates that will teach you how the UN handles different topics as well as learn and improve your public speaking and debating skills.


Whether you are extremely introverted or a real extrovert, everyone has something to gain from being part of the delegation and is sure to end the year with more friends than they started.


Are you an organized person who loves to communicate, has great social analytical skills, and needs to express creativity from time to time? Then HR is perfect for you! 


GIMUN's HR is a department that constantly keeps in contact with all the other departments of the association at the same time. It works in close collaboration with the presidency and vice-presidency helping them coordinate the administrative side of the NGO and its well-being. 


While taking care of tasks such as the preparation of mailing and member lists and documents such as the engagement agreements of the entire staff, the HR also represents a link between the departments, helps with communication, and has a central role in the recruitment process helping with the creation of the forms and the interviewing process. HR also takes care of the periodic release of GIMUN's newsletter and Final Annual Report leaving some space for creativity to its members! 


Interested in public relations and running the social media of an NGO? The Public Relations team of GIMUN is recruiting members for the 2022-2023 term!

GIMUN's public relations team is responsible for the management and the administration of GIMUN's social media accounts on multiple platforms. We are also tasked with communication between partner conferences, sponsors as well as the promotion of several GIMUN's events throughout the year. Additionally, we also keep record of GIMUN's events through photographic coverage.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of social media representing an NGO, don't hesitate to apply to join the PR Team!
 We are actively seeking those passionate in photography and community managing!



GIMUN’S finance department is looking for new members to complete its 2022/2023 team! 
As the backbone of our NGO, this department ensures the effective economic functioning of our organisation and ensures that the ambitions of the other departments can be met. 


Finding sponsors, signing contracts and setting budgets are at the centre of our activities. Joining us means getting a foothold in corporate finance and ethical finance management within a large organization. 
We welcome all kinds of profiles; however, we have a preference for candidates who have a particular interest in the financial world and good crisis management. 



The Translation Department is composed of 5 members and would need 1 or 2 additional translation students – a native English or French speaker, preferably – to join the team.

The Translation Department aims to ensure the association is bilingual by offering EN/FR and FR/EN translation and proofreading services.

For example, we translate/proofread, official mails to guests or partners, surveys, members presentations, etc.

It really is the ideal environment to get more experience in the translation field!

A previous experience in translation is desired but not required.. 


Are you passionate about creating and organizing events? Do you have an interest in the world of international relations? If so, you might be interested in becoming a member of the Gimun's Events Team.

GIMUN events create a tangible link between international Geneva and the student world. By hosting thought-provoking events like UN Day or the study trip, the events department allows students to find concrete application to their lectures through different forms of debate and by learning from active actors in the field. The Events Department is also responsible for the team bonding events that build the internal cohesion of our organization.



GIMUN is currently recruiting its Photographers for the 2022-2023 term! Photographers are responsible for the photographic coverage of all the GIMUN's events, meetings, and projects. They are part of the PR team and therefore work closely with the Executive Board's responsible for Public Relations as well as with members from other departments, especially from the Events Team. If you are passionate about photography and willing to put your skills at work by also becoming part of the big team of a no-profit NGO run by students, do not hesitate to apply for the position! We are looking forward to receiving your application. Feel free to fill out the form in either English or French.


Do you have a passion for writing or designing? Would you like to take a leading role in GIMUN's newest project aimed to increase intercultural connections? Popaedia is a pop educational platform - 'pop' - adapting to today's popular culture and fast-paced lifestyle. It is not restrained by language barriers, cultural identities, or a particular form of presentation. It is a blog, a journal, and a platform for intercultural exchange.


2, Chemin Eugène-Rigot
1202 Geneva


Questions about GIMUN? Contact us using this form!

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